Decoding the relationship between love and sex


When dealing with the topic of relationships, one thing that must be kept in mind is that there is a very thin line that differentiates love and sex from each other; they are definitely not the same part of a coin.

Now that we will be discussing the relationship between love and sex, we must start by making clear the notions related to them.

Love is a feeling that is experienced by two people who are involved and known each other for a long time. The strong attachment is based on feelings of compassion, kindness, positivity and affection for one another; whereas when it comes to sex, it means indulging in physical intimacy to satiate one’s carnal desires and it can also be considered as a biological need.

In almost all romantic relationships, sex becomes an indispensable part that not only brings the two people closer to each other but also strengthens their bond over time; whereas in all sexual relationships, love is not necessarily present.


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