Patapaa sets social media on ‘fire’ after kissing white lady – Sarkodie and more react!


Ghanaian rapper Patapaa left social media in a frenzy after a video of the One Corner hitmaker smooching a white lady surfaced online.

In the selfie video, he seemed to have found a new lover considering the manner he touched the lady.

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The video has received a lot of attention due to the fact that Patapaa has a girlfriend here in Ghana.

We cannot confirm if Patapaa has called it quits with his girlfriend following videos of him kissing the white lady.

Instagram users including Sarkodie who watched the video reacted:



Patapeezy!!! Highest !!!

Dr Pounds@drpounds

Pataapa Dey eat white 😂😂😂

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Ezike Giles@snypa_CFC

Patapaa is really in the abroad eating unseasoned chicken and kissing white broads directly in the mouth. Get him back home before it’s too late please.

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Dr Pounds@drpounds

Pataapa Dey eat white 😂😂😂

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𝐒m̴𝔞𝔩𝔩 S̷i̷n̷@SnrMannie

Waa hwɛ oh. Somebody’s grandmother. Patapaa ne ofos nneɛma deɛɛ. Tweakai😂

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