We lack great music talents than what we had in the past – Kwaw Kesse


Controversial musician, Kwaw Kese, has suggested on Rainbow Radio 87.5FM that, the current crop of musicians in Ghana are not talented like what we witnessed in the past.

The musician told Fiifi Prat on Highlife Paradise that, musicians during the olden days were really working hard but those we have today, are not hardworking.

Kwaw Kesse said, musicians in the past put in a lot of efforts to make their career soar but the current crops of musicians cannot be compared to the past due to technology and social media.

The use of social media he lamented has made musicians lazy.

“We had great talents in the past than what we have today’’ he said.

When asked if he would prefer going back to the olden days he declined as said, ‘’no, time is gradually changing. As we grow, we don’t grow and move backwards but we are to move forward.”


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